Ms. Merlita Susan C. Isip

Primary School Coordinator & Grade 5 Lead Teacher 

  • M.A. in Educational Psychology, University of the Philippines, Diliman, QC, Phil.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Saint Louis University
  • TEFL / TESOL Teacher Certification, iTTT
  • Professional Teacher, Professional Regulation Commission, Phil.
  • Certified Mentor, Teacher Ready Certification Program, Florida, USA
  • 20th schoolyear in FIS
  • 33 years teaching experience

Ms. Susan has an extensive experience in teaching, teacher training, and administration. She has US-Teacher Training while with the United Nations Refugee Programs, World Relief Corporation, and International Migration Commission. She has been a teacher, principal, administrator and trainer prior to joining FIS. She has had training with the Autism Council of Queensland in Australia. She is a dynamic teacher and continues to maintain high teaching standards in the Fifth Grade that qualifies students for scholarship or entrance to the top Middle Schools in Ho Chi Minh City and abroad.