Summer Program 2021

FOSCO International School is offering 5-week SUMMER QUEST ONLINE (July 5 – August 6, 2021), featuring two important aspects of academic enhancement and skill-based workshops. It is a special morning program where your children will learn with their classmates online in contrast with their isolated screen time alone.  

The academic workshop gives them a chance to master and reinforce their weaknesses, and even advance to the next level. The skill-based workshop will tap on their creativity as they discover what may be the beginning of a life-long interest and endeavor. 

The benefits of joining SUMMER QUEST are the following: 

** Students will have the opportunity to continue advancing and enhancing their English and preparing academic skills for the next level while staying at home – a very safe place. 

** It will enable the students’ learning process to continue and not be paused 

** Students will still be able to enjoy and relax for the rest of the day since the program is only 3 hours in the morning 

** Explore and experiment with new interest areas.