Science Fair

We held our annual Science Fair for Preschool & Primary students on Friday, March 26th!

Students met our MAD Scientist, Mr. Will and learned about the world’s most recognized scientists. Of course, there was a bit of a show involved, which included a bit of an amusing explosion made by our MAD Scientist (no students were harmed). Later, students enjoyed “Lab Stations,” where students explored and played around with different scientific concepts. They built a “Pom Pom Popper,” and learned about elastic energy. Bubble Machines were quite popular with Ms. Chantal. Mr. Fred’s microscopes let students look deep into the tiny details of our world. Ms. Olive helped students float cotton with their air! And Ms. Susan’s 5th Graders built Rube Goldberg machines and shared with the rest of our students to play with and learn about potential energy.

Preschool held their own Mini–Science Fair in their playground. Students explored four lab stations with teachers and had tons of fun. Ms. Charity’s “skittles experiment” hypnotized students as they watched the colors of the rainbow blend together. Ms. Diana’s lab station also captivated students when they made lava lamps. Students used their hands at the sensory table filled with water beads and digging for dinosaurs in the sand pit. Overall, it was a fun adventure for our little preschoolers.

After lunch, the chosen representatives for each grade continued to practice and eventually presented their science project to the entire school. Everyone did an amazing job! Congratulations to Ella, Grade 4, for placing 1st in our competition. Congratulations

Grade 4, and good job everyone!