Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 – FOSCO International School

On Monday, September, 24 2018, FOSCO International School came together to celebrate its annual Mid-Autumn Festival.  Children and teachers were in attendance and many dressed in traditional costume in the spirit of the event.

The event started with a parade of lanterns around the school campus.   Children had put in a lot of time and effort to create these lanterns and were excited to demonstrate to their peers.  Prizes for these lanterns were given out to the classes by Mr. Nick, Academic Director, to award different categories: most traditional, decorative, creative, ect.

This was the first year where students completed the skit that was typically done by the teachers.  Students were happy take part in it and did a wonderful job.  Children took part in the poetry and dragon dance competition.  This year’s dragon dance competition was hard to declare a winner because each class was outstanding.  But the winner for the 2018-2019 dragon dance competition was awarded to the 1st grade!

The event ended with a professional dragon dance performance and some games.  Students were very excited throughout this memorable event.  We look forward to having many more events throughout the year as good as this one.