International Day 2018 – FOSCO International School ( FIS )

On Friday, October 12, 2018, FOSCO International School came together to celebrate International Day.  Children and teachers were in attendance and many dressed in traditional clothing from many different countries across the world.  We were also joined by the Russian School next door to us.

The event started with a parade around the school campus.   Subsequently, our Academic Director, Mr. Nick, said a few words and kicked off the event by awarding prizes for research projects and best costumes.  The children followed that up with a 3-4 minute class performance.  The children put on great performances throughout the day and really enjoyed themselves.

We had printed passports and activity stations for children to visit to receive a stamp.  Activity stations consisted of the following countries: Hong Kong; UK; USA; Korea; Scotland; Vietnam; and Russia.  It was a great interactive and educational experience for our students to learn about the many different languages, foods, traditions and customs.  The event ended with some lunch for everybody to enjoy.  It was a great event that we enjoyed having.

One of activities of Vietnam station.

FOSCO International School staff took a picture in front of the backdrop of the event.

Awarding prizes for best costumes and research projects.

Best costumes from each class.

Awarding prizes for best costumes.

One of performances of each class.

One of performances of each class.

One of activities of Korea station.

One of activities of culture station.

One of activities of culture station