Crazy Outfit Day 2020

Friday, September 25th was “Crazy Outfit Day” at FIS to place special focus on anti-bullying. “Crazy Outfit Day” helps our school encourage all students, teachers, and parents to take action against bullying and to celebrate our differences.  

All grades participated and competed for the craziest outfit!  

In the morning, we had a parade on the playground and read some encouraging affirmations. Older students paired up with younger students to promote helping each other and our school spirit. After our parade, our 5th Graders (Responsible Leaders), performed an outstanding anti-bullying skit with its inspiring ending quote: “Not in our school!”  

After the marvelous performance, Kindergarten-5th grade went shopping at our FOSCO Store! Students were extra excited about our newest items: table tennis tickets and our exclusive homework pass! It was lovely to gather after shopping and share our purchases with one another.  

In the afternoon, teachers presented an anti-bullying lesson and conducted empowering activities to support our ultimate objective: kindness to ourselves and others. After resuming regular classes, we ended the day with our weekly assembly and present 1 boy and 1 girl from each class an award for “craziest outfit.” This award represents bravery, determination, and confidence. Each class shared what they learned with their teachers about bullying and making good choices. 

It was a magical, empowering, and educational day! 

Thank you, FIS students, for participating in a very important movement!