Christmas 2019

Christmas Concert Blurb


On December 13, 2019 the FIS Christmas Concert was held.  This year’s theme was, “A Crystal Christmas.”  The event got started with an opening salvo to help introduce this year’s theme.  Subsequently, the Academic Director, Mr. Nick, said a few words before the start of some amazing performances from our very talented group of students.

After the first set of performances, Ms. Susan and Mr. Will took a minute to discuss the charity drive before we brought out a donation box to accept monetary donations in support of the less fortunate.  We continued on with our second set of performances before some teachers put on a fashion show to demonstrate the latest styles and fashion!

Primary School Principal, Ms. Khanh and Preschool Vice Principal, Ms. Mai took the stage to announce the funds raised by our FIS Community.  The event culminated with the singing of a Christmas song led by all students at FIS.  As we were about to announce the closing of the event, we received a special surprise visit from Santa Claus and his helpers who brought a bag full of gifts to hand out to our wonderful group of students!